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The Client:

Venture Capitalist offering wide range of services related to mobile communications.

The challenge:

The client wanted to invest money in one of the hottest growing business namely the mobile data backup. Clients needs were:

  1. Allow the users of the solution to have a web access to their data. They needed a very creative design and a high quality screens.
  2. Allow the users to sync their data with their mobile devices. (Phones & PDA)
  3. Have basic version and business version with the difference in functionality and price.
  4. Allow the business version to have a global database which could be pushed to all the users.
  5. Should have history of last 10 synchronizations and the ability to restore it.

The Solution:

We developed a web based application which can be accessed from anywhere. This allowed the user to manage their data using internet and they could then sync their data with their mobile phones/PDA. This web based solution was also meant to be multi-lingual. We used the full benefit of the Java technology of internationalization and thus a different language interface could be incorporated with just a installation of a translated properties file.

For the synchronization of the user’s data with the mobile device we used the Funambol server which was installed and customized to client’s need.

The Technology:

For web application: J2EE – JSP/Servlets

Database: My SQL

Synchronization Server: Funambol (Based on Sync4J)

The Benefits:

Some of the major benefits of the solution are:

  1. For Users:

1. They will have a very user friendly and easy access to their contacts, calendar, tasks, notes data.

2. They will be able to restore the data to their mobile device in case of loss due to theft ot change in service providers.

3. Switching between mobile device or providers will be easier as the data will be available online and can be restored to the new device in few minutes. This comes as a huge advantage to the users whose only option to transfer data to their new device was to manually enter it.

  1. For Clients

1. Client will attract a major community of mobile device users and will be able to generate a revenue stream by offering some of the key functionality to business users.

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