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Case Studies

TLD (Top Level Domain) Search & Registry Tool

The Client
NxGn i2solutions Inc, US
 TLD NxGn i2solutions Inc is a privately held Corporation located, New Hampshire, USA. The major area of their operation is the sales of Turnkey TLD's (Top Level Domain names) for the Public Root to enable businesses and organizations to preserve their brand name or own a specific category on the Internet for structuring SLD's (Second Level Domain names) under. NxGn i2s offers other services such as

web hosting and ISP access with much more related service.
The Challenge
Looking at the rapid growth of internet for business NxGn estimated the huge TLD database to be shape out. To provide the most relevant search results with quick response time was one of the major concern and prime requirement of the project. In order to sale the TLDs, obviously there is a need to have registry software for TLDs and search engine that checks the availability of given TLDs. As the primary focus area of NxGn i2 is to offer domain name that directly indicate the company/corporate identity, NxGn wanted to have very comprehensive search tool which spans across all major business categories and their respective sub categories and deliver to users exact match results to find only 100% relevant businesses they are looking for.
The Solution
The scope of the internet based tool comprises of having TLD search tool as well as TLD registry software. The web application offers an interface for searching category based TLDs and a registration module for registering TLD with NxGn global TLD registry database. cyberThink designed the database which was meeting all the optimal database and fine tuning methods to generate closest search results with minimum response time. Apart from this cyberThink put it many efforts for speed optimization in all aspects like optimization for HTML rendering, graphics rendering, data caching, managed database resource management, Server side includes (SSIs) and eliminating unnecessary network transmission time.
The Technology
Microsoft ASP, SQL Server 2000
The Benefits
NxGn suit of services enables businesses and users to obtain many different services from websites instead of having to go from site to site in search of all the services they need. NxGn service pack offer the ultimate in Domain Name registration, Superior Search tools, Great Web Hosting, Convenient ISP access, Flexible Web Site Design, Groundbreaking Music posting & downloads. The innovative methodology and technology enhances business or Internet users' e-commerce capabilities. Small Business owner can be seen on the Internet through the creation of NxGn patented cluster rings for categorization and indexing businesses that register their Domain through NxGn. This process works similar to an intelligent global e-commerce business pages. Combining this methodology search tool, the solution deliver to users exact match results to find only 100% relevant businesses they are looking for.


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Doble Quotes I am very happy with the system. Excellent “turn-around” time on both fixes and new features. I am extremely pleased and look forward to working with cyberThink InfoTech again in the near future!...Doble Quotes
- Tamara Follett,
Dog-Trax North America

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