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"Globalization and cost cutting pressures in this scenario leads the evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). An imperative ERP system offers business specific solution with industry experience builds in."

Customized>> Flexible>>Business Oriented>> Low-cost ERP solutions that match the way your business works.
What is ERP?
ERP is the latest high-end solution of information technology that has lent to business application. With the implementation of ERP solutions in your business, you can streamline, systemize your operation and able to synergies maximum resources in your business. "Information" plays a vital role in abolishing underutilization of resource and money in your business.
Why do you need ERP solutions?
Organization has had been realizing the heat of cost cutting and market competition due to "GLOBALIZATION", it is important to tackle laggard situation through customized designed software packages. Realizing the requirement of your organizations, we have designed ERP software packages that cater your requirements like lean manufacturing, Service Management, Quality Management, Financials improvement, manufacturing & logistics, Process Manufacturing and Wholesale and Distribution. Our intuitive approach:

  • Aggressive Cost cutting initiatives
  • Making Additional informed management decisions
  • Doing business according to latest trends
  • Introspect to analyze costs or revenues on a product or customer basis
  • Flexibility to respond according to changing business requirements
What CIPL ERP Solution Does For You?
Any business growth is hampered by unavailability of accurate data, untimely and improper interface of complex natured business functions.

For this, reasons many other applications have been introduced one after other to give perfection and vitality in the business crossing these hurdles and achieving desired results.

  • CIPL: Corporate Information Systems (CIS)
  • CIPL: Enterprise Wide Systems (EWS)
  • CIPL: Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)
  • CIPL: Money Resource Planning (MRP III)
  • CIPL: Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • CIPL: Integrated Information Systems (IIS)
  • CIPL: Executive Information Systems (EIS)
  • CIPL: Material Resource Planning (MRP)
Why ERP Solution From Us?
  • Delivery of the precise product at the right time
  • Enhance long-term relationship & keep customer/consumer promises
  • Reduce your operational costs and improve your efficiency
  • Gain better visibility of transactions all across the enterprise
  • Can make better business decisions on various grounds
  • 24*7*365 days full service support
  • Customized ERP solutions
  • Implement manufacturing unsurpassed practices, including lean marketing solutions
Specified Fields Where ERP Is Used.
For Finance Functional Approach: - Unique, integrated with modern finance solution for manufacturers.

In Quality Management & Practices (Data Warehouses): - Improved your quality for increased productivity in the enterprise and develops an interface between Customers, Suppliers, and Employees.

Manufacturing (Operational or functional): - Flexible, diligent Control in manufacturing of highly complex products.

Project In Process: - ERP Proven value optimization for Costing, Billing, Time and Expense, Activity Management - for the project process.

In Wholesale and Distribution of Goods and Services (Supply Chain Management): - Having Control and responsiveness in expansion of supply chains management.

Service Management Procurement CRM (Customer Relationship Management): - Control and power your organization for customer-oriented service and maintenance.

Human resource management: Simplifies the tedious HR Recruitment (Human Resources, Rostering, Payroll, Training, Time & Attendance, and Benefits) and process.
What ERP could do for the business system?
  • Bridge the information-gap across the organization through successful, ERP implementation.
  • Complete integration of Systems not only across the departments in a company but also across the companies under the same management through ERP integration and solution.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning is the only solution for better Project Management.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning not only addresses the current requirements of the company but also provides the opportunity of improving and refining business processes continuously in successive hours.
  • Business intelligence tools provided by ERP as if Reporting, Data Mining, Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive Information System (EIS) and Early Warning Systems (Robots) for superb decision.
  • Company-wide Integrated Information System covering all functional areas like manufacturing>> sales and promotion>>distribution>> Payables>>Receivables>>Inventory>>Accounts>>Human resources>>Purchases and many more.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning performs core corporate operations, enhances customer service, and thereby augmenting the corporate vigor.
  • Implement manufacturing unsurpassed practices, including lean marketing solutions
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Video conferencing, Internet, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Intranet and E-Commerce are automatic introduction of ERP.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning eliminated various hurdles and made the jobs in systematic and streamlined. Whatever the hurdle may be, as if Customer service, Cash Management, Material shortages, Productivity enhancements, Inventory problems, Quality problems, Prompt delivery and many more.

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