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Mobile Synchronization

Mobile Synchronization

IT has changed the whole scenario, whether it is life, technology, or environment. Ever-expanding mobile environment with value added services play a vital role in differentiating your brand, attracting new users and increasing customer’s loyalty. Data security and transfer is a major setback to mobile subscribers.

Lost Your Data? What's It Worth To You? Are you searching for any data recovery agents? Do you want data backup? What should a mobile subscriber do to avoid unusable mobile data increase and fear of loss?

Don’t worry!
We have the solution for all your requirements. Our data synchronization solution provides you a complete set of data security and data recovery tools to mop up with this problem. CIPL has been recognized as a standard setter for mobile content backup. It provides users and wireless carriers with a simpler, more connected means to accessing digital world. We ensure you about your valuable data be always reliable, protected and transferable.

Our transparent and unique approach seamlessly synchronizes your data, keep backup, and manipulate any data accumulated on his mobile to main or central server. This facilitates different events in case of lost, upgrade or stolen mobile phone.
Users can quickly recover his data like:
  • Data: Easy access and storage
  • Outlook Sync: A plug-in enables direct synchronization with Microsoft outlook
  • Media – Pictures and video files automatically saved on network, which is taken by your handset.
  • Tasks: Easy access and storage
  • Notes: Easy access and storage
  • Contacts (Mobile Address Book): Data Recovery, Backup and simultaneously you can view and edit the data and restore in new handset.
  • Calendar (Mobile Calendar): Manage, view and backup the mobile calendar on the network
  • Messaging: you can store all incoming and outgoing messages on the network.
  • Media Sharing: What you have shared on your handset either it is file, pictures or video can be stored on the network. You can also upload files on flicker or Picasa, which are user generated content site.
CIPL: Additional Key Features
  • Device Independent Synchronization: you have the facility to keep backup for any device and restore to any other one. CIPL ensures about the data restored is correctly and in proper format.
  • Multiple Device features on a single account: Subscribers can connect multiple different devices to a single device in the case of dual SIM.
  • Fully Automated - we can synchronize your handset with the server without user intervention.
  • User experience without interference: it is ready made and can be used without user interaction.
  • Features of address book sharing: In the case of corporate communication. User can create a company or department address book that has the feature of add, update members.
  • OMA-DS: it is fully compatible and easy to use.
  • Remote Wipeout: In case of stolen or lost of mobile handset the user can send a remote command through the website or CR (customer representative or help desk) to lock the device.
  • Network calendar and address book: This is for additional services such as voice-activated dialing or a pc-based softphone.
The Technology:
  • For web application: J2EE – JSP/Servlets
  • Database: My SQL
  • Synchronization Server: Funambol (Based on Sync4J)
The Benefits:
Some of the major benefits of the solutions are:
For Users:
  • They will have a very user friendly and easy access to their contacts, calendar, tasks, notes data etc.
  • They will be able to restore the data in their mobile device either it is case of loss or theft or change in service providers.
  • Switching between mobile device/providers will be easier as the data will be available online and can be restored to the new device in few minutes. This comes as a huge advantage to the users whose want to transfer certain data or a portion of it to their new device. It can be done manually, as it is online.
For Clients
  • Client will attract a major community of mobile device users and will be able to generate a revenue stream by offering some of the key functionality to business users.
CIPL: Wide Range of Mobile Devices
We have a wide range of mobile handsets on which we are using this technology online. Our Mobile Synchronization Services is for enchanting and sizzling gadgets available on following mobile platforms:
  • BREW
  • OMA-DS
  • Symbian S60 and UIQ
  • Windows Mobile
  • SIM Toolkit (STK)
  • J2ME (MIDP 2.0 + JSR 75)
We offer
  • Mobile synchronization: Our mobile synchronization helps you in data security.
  • Mobile phone synchronization: Our mobile phone synchronization assists you through different data security on your handset.
  • Mobile device synchronization: Our mobile device synchronization works on different mobile devices for best security purpose
  • Mobile data synchronization: Our mobile data synchronization helps you in quick recovery for your precious data that could hinder in your business.
  • Mobile database synchronization: Our mobile database synchronization assists you in synchronization of database of your names, address, and other important files.
  • Mobile sync: Our Mobile Sync assist you’re in real time in synchronize mobile.
  • Mobile email synchronization: We help in Mobile Email Synchronization for mailing backups.
  • Mobile backup software SyncML: we take care of all your data through Mobile Backup Software SyncML.

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