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CIPL has had a lot of experience in ASP.NET development for various clients all across the world in 18 different countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Greece, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Dubai, South Africa, Japan, and New Zealand to name just a few. We adopt .Net framework in real time to make out customers happy. ASP programming and implementation with .NET framework facilitate the outsourced project easy, simple, and sophisticated in terms of development. We have highly qualified ASP.NET experts that dedicatedly work on your ASP.NET project. Our team of ASP.NET developers in India has successfully delivered a web application based on the next generation technology of Microsoft .NET framework.

We made extensive use of the powerful .NET platform using VB.NET and C# and worked on .NETForms, Web Services, XML, SQL Server etc. Our seniority list in software department headed by senior project manager >> Project Managers >> Senior Team Leader >> Team Leader >> Senior Developer >> Developer. We tailored our ASP.NET services in such a way that is backed by experienced ASP.NET programmers to ensure your project delivered as per schedule and on budget.
  • Several deliver models
  • Systematic software processing
  • Benchmarking of development cycle
  • Root out any type of discrepancies
  • Well furnished infrastructure
  • Quality Control Department
  • Flexible in working approach
  • Team can constantly adapt itself to client work styles and methodologies

Our Bespoke Applications or Customized Solutions

Our diverse industry expertise and experience on ASP.NET practical applications of leading edge technologies help our clients to achieve high ROIs in short duration of time period. Our cost effective and professional offshore services in programming and development of web and software, innovate business solutions on windows server with .NET technologies.

Web application development (Asp.Net):

The .NET framework includes the following expertise:

  • Lease Management Software
  • CRM
  • Intranet, Extranet and Portal Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Mortgage system
  • Financial Solutions
  • E-government solutions
  • Service Management Reporting Portal
  • Operations management systems
  • Net e-commerce framework
  • E-commerce storefronts

Our Migration legacy application to .Net

  • Application migration from Asp to
  • Web enable legacy application to Asp.Net application
  • Application migration from VB 6.0 to VB .net
  • For customer - Custom migration solutions

Our Desktop application development

  • Network handling and management
  • Desktop application development
  • Smart Client & XML Web Services

WebParts & Sharepoint Development

  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Contacts Management System
  • Customized/Tailored Solutions

.Net AJAX Solution

  • Custom Asp.Net and Ajax web application solutions.

Characteristics of ASP.NET:

Building block for application development: ASP.NET pages, known officially as “web forms” are the main building block for application development.

.NET Framework has ASP.NET as a subset: altogether 2,500 classes which .NET framework have- you can employ all 2,500 classes in ASP applications. Moreover, ASP.NET takes complete advantages of:

  • Type safety
  • Inheritance
  • Security
  • Common Language Runtime
  • All of the other features that .NET platform have.
Multi-lingual support: ASP.NET pages are created with advanced programming languages such as C#, .NET, and Visual Basic. ASP classic pages are created with scripting languages only example VBScript and JavaScript respectively.

ASP.NET pages are compiled rather than interpreted: On first request, ASP pages are compiled and cached on the server. This significantly improves performance because it is compiled rather that interpreted, which permits early binding, just in time, and strong typing to the native code.

Ease of configuration: Stored as XML based files which is human writable and readable. It is easy to edit ASP.NET configuration files. Without re-booting, the server ASP.NET automatically applies new configuration setting to web resources.

Code logics: ASP page doesn’t provide modularized code. The script and html code lies on the same page or single page. However, Microsoft ASP.NET implementation contains a newfangled method to break up business logic code.

  • Functional code
  • HTML code
Different browser compatibility issues: This is very important to eliminate explicitly code for differences in browsers so web forms offer a framework for developing application logic on the serve for this independency. ASP.NET takes care of browser and browser compatibility issues by detecting the type, when it generates code for a server control.

Protection against deadlock, memory leak, and crash protection: ASP.NET Protects against deadlock, error, memory leak, and crash protection to ensure you about your application is available to your users.

Scalability and Performance: ASP.NET output caching could dramatically improve the programming and development services. You can gain scalable and well-performed application.

Deployment in simple way: You can deploy an entire application as easy as an HTML page with ASP.NET- Just copy it to the server.

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