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Illustrator"It is crucial to have a quality ICON wherever the quick and intuitive understanding of an application feature matters. Hiring CIPL, you will make easier for your users to find and memorize functionality with attractive appearance through our beautiful palette of custom icons design from Adobe Illustrator."

Adobe Illustrator (by Adobe Systems) is a vector-based drawing program developed and marketed by Adobe Systems.
Illustrator Features
  • Capabilities for extrude and revolving shades in 3D
  • Internet features to support web publishing
  • Allow you to use the program to create simple 3D objects
  • "Live Trace" provides a powerful method of converting bitmap images into vector art.
Our method that lead you in world of charming icons
CIPL: Features with faces
During the development sprint lot of time was spent on planning, testing, implementing your application features. Each additional feature means additional cost hidden in it. Would not be nice when there was a way to promote and identify your requirements for an evanescent faction of cost and actual development took place? It is fabulous to hear this but can't be true but CIPL brings you diverge range of icon palette to meet in decent way.
CIPL: Custom wins customers
There are two kinds of icon palettes, first one is randomly mixed, together originating from different stock libraries or borrow from other applications. Second, one is stunning beautiful custom icons, intuitive functions, and convincing matching color schemes. If you prefer second one, ask CIPL to come up with its innovative icons designing palette according to your needs.
CIPL: Versatility included
There are no limitations regarding size or output medium a vector-based image is constructed by icon. It offers you a vast array of potential applications. These are some of the best features like Toolbars, buttons, context menus or decorated list items.


Methods with supervision
IllustratorStart From Sketch
Rough sketch is made with paper and pencil to evaluate the clarity of icon. And see whether it required any further edition or not.
To Shape
After sketching process, we compose different shapes for icon that looks untidy and unclear. This process allocates unpolished part of the icon.
End with Finish
In the last step, we polish the icon by adding highlights and shadows. A color correction step at the end of process ensures that the icon matches with other icons. In this QA, team helps us a lot in refining icon images.
Why hire our designing services?

  • CIPL: Allows more creativity in web design
  • CIPL: Enhances web development and design
  • CIPL: Offers great value at an affordable price
  • CIPL: Provides a consistent and dynamic visual language
  • CIPL: Creates interest and make software features easier to use
  • CIPL: Provides beautifully professionally designed icon sets
  • CIPL: Permits custom icons for industry specific use
  • CIPL: Assures professional images regardless of user system (Windows or Mac)


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