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Lingo ScriptFast & Easy Website Designing
John H. Thompson developed this scripting language for macromedia Director and now a days, it is efficiently built to solve linear, nonlinear, and integer optimization models.

There are three types of scripts in Lingo:
This script attached with sprite to control properties and movement. You can easily see the relationship between programming and the items attached. Lingo is making sprite a true object through controls and interactions.

This script is not attached with sprites but they are available throughout the program and useful for global handlers and initialization global variables at the start and end of the movie.
This script is used to create an object using "new" command into a variable. Without being attached to any of the sprite, it controls sprites and other media remotely. It can create (Birth) and destroy an object any time freeing them from the confines of the score.
Features of LINGO:
  • A new global solver called "global optimum" to confirm the best solution
  • Multistart Capability: Quick Problem solving
  • Solving quadratic programming problems
  • Robust simplex solver and faster processing
  • Transform non-smooth functions to linear functions
  • Unbounded and infeasible analytical tools to help or identify problems
  • Identify if any model contains independent submodles through it decomposition features.
  • DLL (a threadsafe) for various classes of models
  • Many more


Creating a LINGO Model
An optimization model consists of three parts:
Objective Function: Formula that exactly formulates what the model should optimize. It minimizes the cycle time for a given product.

Variables: Variables change to produce optimal value of objective functions through various data types. These quantities performed by assigning certain values to attain objective functions.

Constraints: Define the limits on the values of the variables. The constraints are the formulas that integrate the acceleration of variables by stopping, running and enhancing the program.

The prerequisite for working with Lingo Script artistically designed web page with all the Lingo features, yet to be implemented. Lingo can do with image, sound, text, and digital video. It can customize your website with flying, moving and animation in it.

  • User Action
  • System Events
What Can You Control in Lingo in website designing?
User movability
Lingo Script
  • Text
  • Digital video
  • Timing and navigation of the movie
  • Movement in frames
  • It can change the tempo of movie
  • Halt, pause, continue, stop the flow of the movie
  • It changes the tempo of a movie
  • It can Change the transitions between frames
  • Assists in mathematical and Data Functions like sine, cosine, tan, integer, add, subtract, divide, multiply, round, log, sqrt, max and many more by solving problems.
  • Minimum random number of items (strings, list)


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