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Table Less Layout / DIV Based "Tables are dreary in website design and loosing its identity because of intuitive tableless design."

This is very important to have a website designing and development through a company that would deliver intuitive layout as per your choice. By sticking on table designing is an old fashion way as it takes more time and html syntax. No doubt, "it works" but the design should be of latest trend that lures the customer to your website, meanwhile enhancing your ecommerce business. Only a creative website can attract customers towards you. This is very useful in the sense of business enhancement and connectivity.

If your content is precise then only tabular website will help unless it creates problem. In case of tableless designing, there is no such problem only you have to change the content then the layout remains the same and it will adjust accordingly. With CSS designing you can create and position your mechanisms and found that your patience in getting the browsers to view your design with uniformity.

We will implement "WEB 2.0" or higher themes enabled site to improve your Designing and customization services. CIPL has specialized in the creative design and implementation of Web 2.0 theme enabled sites and Web 2.0 site's features.


No Tables For Layout?
Table Layout: it can be styled using CSS whereas a DIV can be floated and positioned to give you precise layout control.

Table Layout: Nested tables and spacer gifs make for messy markup and inaccessible websites.

Table Layout: forces a user to follow your document structure, not a typical document structure.

Table Layout: It may offer good browser compatibility but not device compatibility.

Table Layout: Tables require much more HTML to generate than using the DIV method and so increase the file size of the page.

Table Layout: Once it is laid out and used across a website, possibly hundreds of pages, any structural updates or amendments are both times consuming and expensive.

Table Layout: Presentation information is mixed with markup so maintenance becomes harder.

According to your goal, we begin our website designing work. Confident, you might know or you might want our assistance. We follow the following principles:

Functionality: Encourage action that is taken by visitors themselves. Creative and Reflective: The design should reflect not just business but also goals for achievement.

Domain Focused: Content focuses on desired actions and enhances the business's credibility. Focus on core concentration with profound customer centric approach.

Structure & Positioning: Intuitive navigation should be inviting to search engine robots and easy for customers to use. The creative visuals (graphic design) and the appropriate use of web technology work effectively.
Major website designing services should have:
Table Less Layout / DIV Based
  • Web site design, redesign, development
  • Flash/Shockwave/ HTML/DHTML
  • CSS/JavaScript/ASP
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Custom graphics
  • Web site maintenance and customization
  • Logo designing & Image processing
  • Digital graphic design & creation
  • Intuitive Navigation Design


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