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W3c Standard – HTML / XHTML W3C Markup Validation Service: HTML/XHTML

"Isn't that enough to launch a website with right looks and it works fine? Is there anything lagging behind?"

The only solution is website markup languages that are no more than data formats, but it look like anything at all! - It only takes on a visual appearance in the browser when it is presented. Therefore, it needs validation according to World Wide Web Consortium validation.
Why Validate?
  • Compatible with most of the browsers
  • Document is properly checked with HTML validation
  • Keeping in future demand, the contents validated accordingly with all specification.
  • Authors using a DTD (DOCTYPE declaration) can help you to know the reference of the content for easy validation.
  • Try to find out all the errors regarding content validation and root it out instantly or simultaneously.
  • By doing this, no programming errors will be left in you website.
  • Review you contents on each ground and see whether it suits with W3C accordingly. If suits it is OK!

Standards that we follow in website designing and development:

Only website designing and development is not important. But there are various factors that enhance the quality of your website in terms of reliability and fidelity of communications on the web. For this purpose, W3C has introduced W3C markup validation of html and XHTML.

Content with HTML and XHTML recommends and validate their web pages in World Wide Web Consortium. It enables the website with quality audience to web pages. W3C supports XHTML document types such as XHTML + MathML and XHTML + MathML + SVG and other markup vocabularies.

Those software developers, who use to write HTML and XHTML editing tools, can ensure interoperability with W3C recommendations for both HTML and XHTML with other web software.
It is a tool for checking and pretty- printing html and able to fix up mark-up errors. It is an opensource project at SourceForge. HTML tidy offers a mean to convert existing HTML content into well-formed XHTML.


Related W3C Work
Xml provides a structured documents and data on the web. It allows you to define your own formats when it comes on just html. XML is widely used for instance W3C metadata format RDF.

Style Sheets:
W3C provides a simple mean to style HTML pages allow you to control aural visual characteristics for:
  • Margins
  • Instance
  • Fonts
  • Line spacing
  • Borders
  • Colors
  • Layers
  • More
W3C is working on XSL, which provides a mean to transform XML documents into HTML.
Where can you download the Validator?
There is no need to download any validator, simply handover your tasks of website designing and development to CIPL and we will look all essential steps of designing in real time. We make future websites that meets present customers!
Major website designing services with CIPL
W3c Standard – HTML / XHTML
  • Web site design, redesign, development
  • Flash/Shockwave/ HTML/DHTML
  • CSS/JavaScript/ASP
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Custom graphics
  • Web site maintenance and customization
  • Logo designing & Image processing
  • Digital graphic design & creation
  • Intuitive Navigation Design


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