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Web2.0"With a keen eye for detail and an awareness of the latest standards and technologies used in web design projects, Web Redesign 2.0 is more useful now than ever before." - Eric Meyer
Web 2.0 is themes that design the content not the page.
Welcome to the next generation of website designing and development, delivering measurable business ROI (return on investment), automation, and marketing functionality build-up online relationships with customers and clients. Web 2.0 designs the web pages, and identify the distinctive features that make a web page look fresh, appealing, and easy usability.

CIPL has specialized in the creative design and implementation of Web 2.0 theme enabled sites and Web 2.0 site's features.
What is Web 2.0
Web 2.0 means unprecedented trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design for visitor participation that aims to enhance information sharing, creativity most notably collaboration among users. It is facilitated by web technologies and endowed features for creative representation on World Wide Web. Web content delivery and collaboration are improved by web 2.0-enabled impact. Web 2.0 has web-based communities and hosted services like:
  • Social-networking sites
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Folksonomies


Web 2.0 is themes that design the content not the page. "Microcontent" an information segment unit that can be distributed over dozens of domains in web 2.0. Through Web 2.0, a new set of tools to aggregate and remix "microcontent" in new and useful ways. Features of Web 2.0 in your website
  • Simple layout
  • Centered orientation
  • Fewer columns
  • Separate top section
  • Solid areas of screen real-estate
  • Design the content, not the page
  • Simple navigation
  • Bold logos
  • Soft, neutral background colors
  • Bigger text
  • Bold text introductions
  • Strong colors
  • 3D effects, used sparingly
  • Rich surfaces
  • Strong color, used sparingly
  • Gradients
  • Reflections
  • Cute icons, used sparingly
  • Nice big text
  • Plenty of whitespaces
  • Star flashes
There are several tools for the interfaces of Web 2.0, which will become the frontier of design and innovation. The evidence is already here:
  • Portals
  • RSS aggregators
  • Search engines
  • APIs (application programming interfaces, which provide hooks to data)
  • Web services (where data can be accessed via XML-RPC, SOAP and other technologies).
Web 2.0 is often described as "The web as platform". Our major focus is on interaction with contents, which influences the design. You can experience the subtle but real changes in web page design on Web 2.0.

Our best trends that characterize Web 2.0 for website designers and developers

These are our several advantageous themes covering website-design in the Web 2.0 world:
  • CIPL: Emergent navigation and relevance (users are in control)
  • CIPL: Writing semantic markup (transition to XML)
  • CIPL: Providing Web services (moving away from place)
  • CIPL: Remixing content (about when and what, not who or why)
  • CIPL: Adding metadata over time (communities building social information)
  • CIPL: Shift to programming (separation of structure and style)
Major website designing services with CIPL
  • Web site design, redesign, development
  • Flash/Shockwave/ HTML/DHTML
  • CSS/JavaScript/ASP
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Custom graphics
  • Web site maintenance and customization
  • Logo designing & Image processing
  • Digital graphic design & creation
  • Intuitive Navigation Design


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