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XHTML"A website is not just anything to have or do things with - advance your website- Because business depends on it!"


Many businesses rely on the website's performance. Websites bridge the communication gap between customer and the company. However, not all kinds of business are allowed from your website but it represents your company and provides a platform to choose you over your competitors.
How it works?
Instant checks on customers, fully functional and customized designed for getting traffic. You can include all XHTML features with subpages, mouseover and even flash integration on your page. XHTML format data files use a file extension .xhtml, .xht.
  • XHTML : Template designing
  • XHTML : Email newsletter design
  • XHTML : Logo design
  • XHTML : Website design


The Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is a markup language that has the same depth of expression as HTML, but also conforms to XML syntax. It means dual featured hypertext markup language with XML.
CIPL: Markup languages are the best preferred by search engines.
  • Faster Page Rendering in current Web Browsers
  • Portability Increased
  • Accessibility get enhanced
  • Transition to More Advanced Technology
What You Get: A professional website template (XHTML WebPages) features:
  • Optimized for fast loading high quality graphics
  • Use of external CSS file
  • External java Script file
  • Code compatibility with almost major browsers
  • Streamline codes without bugs
  • Creative and professional XHTML coding with comments for easy editing
Major website designing services with CIPL
  • Web site design, redesign, and development
  • Flash Shockwave, XHTML, DXHTML
  • CSS, JavaScript, ASP
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Custom graphics
  • Web site maintenance and customization
  • Logo designing & Image processing
  • Digital graphic design & creation
  • Intuitive Navigation Design
Features of XHTML:
  • Xforms will take the place of HTML forms. It allows different forms to be displayed with all rendering services
  • Xframes replace the HTML frames
  • DOM event is replaced by XML Events
  • It provides features of nested unordered lists or nested definition lists. XHTML is useful in creating nested menus navigation lists and new elements types.
  • You can easily create hyperlinks
  • Reference can be easily created by XHTML
  • The alt attribute of the img (Image) element has removed. In addition, object element will be given in the content.
  • Heading is added and is determined by the depth of the nesting. You can use it infinite rather than limited use.
  • Maximum number of HTML features are supported by XHTML like i, b, sup,sub and tt etc.
  • XHTML: RDF triples with the property and about attribute to facilitate the conversion from XHTML to RDF/XML.


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